Brand new start

this is a story about a girl named Freya, she's 16 years old and just moved London with her mum to meet her step dad and her step sisters, Ruby and Poppy.
she already lived in many places, mostly because her mother married a lot, but this time her mother seems pretty determined to make this weeding work...
maybe this will be the last marriage and Freya will finally have the chance to start over...
Hope you like it


6. He's supposed to be a nightmare!

has soon as he looked to the other side, i knew it was my only chance so i ran out of the kitchen and to my room, closing the door behind me and deep breathing relieved!

i threw my self on my comfy bed and curled down, finally! i can finally sleep, maybe when i wake up this will all just be a nightmare and Louis was just a product of my imagination, HOPEFULLY he will be just that and i will NEVER see him again.... 

i smiled against my beed sheets and closed my eyes falling asleep still thinking about that weirs Louis guy...

was is this? i opened my eyes and heard this annoying knocking at my door, why can't anyone let me sleep?! i slowly got up and walked to the door.

-who is it? - i asked still with a sleepy voice, how i hated it! it sounded like a little girls voice... that annoyed me!

-just open the door! - OH NO! i know that voice! no, no, no! he's supposed to be a nightmare! nightmares are not supposed to be knocking at my bedroom door! no... why does this have to happen to me? why?! what did i ever do to deserve... ok, i can se some things... BUT WHY?!

i took a deep breath and opened the door, making my best poker face and looking at his stupid and extremely annoying pale face...

-why can't you stop waking me up? - i asked sounding almost has annoyed has i was inside, but its better if i keep something just for me, otherwise he will get scared... maybe its not shuck a bad idea, he would leave me alone.

-oh don't act like you don't like it... - he started but i had to say it.

-i'm not acting i really DON'T like it - i said saying the "don't" a bit louder than the rest, did he really think i was pretending that?! that just made me wanna laugh!

-yeah, yeah... come on - he said grabbing my wrist and pushing me down the stairs, where is he taking me? i looked confused but he just ignored it and took me down stairs into some room, there were so many...

i recognised every face inside that room, not my friends but i recognised their faces from the earlier party, the four tall hot boy, where the ones i saw next to Louis at the kitchen and the other two where the clones, nothing to add about them. ok, this was a bit harsh, but thrust me, i'm much nicer after a good nigh of sleep!

-let me introduce you to the guys - Louis said placing me in front of the four guys, they all smiled at me and i just tried to look as friendly has i could, it was hard because the only thing i fell like doing is to run back upstairs to that comfy and warm bed....

-this is Liam - he pointed to this tall boy with brown hair and light brown eyes, when he smiled he made me slob, he was so hot! 

-this is Niall - he said pointing to this blonde boy with the most beautiful blue eyes i had ever seen , when he smiled at me i smiled instantly.

-next, Zayn - he pointed to this tall, tanned boy with dark brown hair and brown eyes, his arms where filled with tattoos and there was something about him... i don't know what but i liked him!

-and last but not least, Harry - he said pointing to a tall guy, he had brown curly hair and this deep green eyes that i just couldn't stoop looking at... he smiled at me and gave me a small kiss on the check.

i felt my skin burning under his lips and it was almost like... electricity?!

-its a please to met you - he said with his rocky toned british accent voice and winking at me, did he really just wink at me?

ok, relax, it was no big deal... BREATH FREYA! i smiled at him and kept looking at his deep green eyes that were also facing my big brown eyes, the more i looked in to his eyes the more i lost my self inside them.... WAIT THERE!!! what is this?! get over yourself Freya! he's just guy!

-what about a movie? - one of the clones asked, pushing me by my arms to the couch. i sat down and Louis and Harry sat down next to me, one in each side of me, this was awkward... wait why does it fell awkward?

-any special request Freya?  -Zayn asked while he was going through the movies.

-no, you choose - i said and smiled at him, he looked like those bad boys you see on movies but not that "hollywood" more normal, which fitted him pretty good!

-Orphan it is! - he said placing the movie on the DVD player. are you kidding me?! ok, i'm just gonna have to behave, no screaming or anything do you ear me Freya!!

i sat down straight and noticed Harry was smiling at me, i smiled at him and turned my attention to the TV, the movie started and it was not that bad, i even think the girl is quite pretty, almost like a porcelain doll... 

the movie soon changed into a more scarred thing and before i even knew it, Harry's arm was around my shoulder and i was holding tightly to his hand. i should let go... but i don't want to.

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