Brand new start

this is a story about a girl named Freya, she's 16 years old and just moved London with her mum to meet her step dad and her step sisters, Ruby and Poppy.
she already lived in many places, mostly because her mother married a lot, but this time her mother seems pretty determined to make this weeding work...
maybe this will be the last marriage and Freya will finally have the chance to start over...
Hope you like it


7. Electricity all over again...

During the whole movie i kept holding his hand, i wasn't scared at all but it kinda felt good... WHAT?!? in my defence he seemed to need it! every time something happen he would squeeze my hand, it was quite funny... when the movie ended, i letted go of his hand and before any of them could say anything, i started to walk out of the room.

-I'm going to room ok? - i said and ran upstairs not waiting for an answer, what the hell was that?! i should've pushed him away! but what does that matter? why am i worrying about that? i honestly don't understand myself...

my bags where still closed, so to take my mind out of thing's i decided to get everything out of it, it's not like the weeding is gonna last but i should at least enjoy the time it does, for the first time... someone thought about a room where i would fell like a normal teenager and for once... my step sister's haven't ignored me... and although i saw them has clones, they weren't has bad as the others... 

there was one time, my mum had married this french man, he had like a moustache that he treasured more than his life, its was really funny, especially because i was only five and i had this small, how should i say... lets just say that every time he fell asleep, a part of his moustache magically "disappeared", so has i was saying, this man, had tree daughters, all older than me and during those three months, it was like i wasn't even there... me being there or not was the same thing for them...

with the rest of the families was the same thing, but these two, they had spoken to me! not a lot... but enough to make me fell a bit more positive about this family... 

whatever! i started to unpack and after almost one hour everything was on their places and the bag was inside my closet. i sat down and looked around. my room... it actually sounds pretty good!

i felt my stomach grunt, i'm STARVING! how come i didn't notice? now is too late for question that... i walked out of the room and into the kitchen, there a short lady, has soon has she saw me coming in, ran to me with a big smile on her face, i smiled back and blushed a little bit, she looked like one of those movie nanny's, how adorable!! but i still need food!

-how can i help you dear? - she asked with the warmest smile i had ever seen, like it was REALLY warm, like you could get a tan out of it!! just kidding!

-i was just gonna get something to eat... - i said and tried to move forwards but he steeped right in front of me, kidding me from walking, WTH??

-go seat on the living room and i'll bring something for you - she said while closing the kitchen door.

-thanks... i guess - i said to the closed door in front of me, what a nice and odd lady... ok, so the living room was the third or second door at the left? i can't remember but if it's not one it will be the other right?

i walked and picked to the second door, an office, not here... i was about to move to the other door when i saw a picture of me and my mum standing on the desk, what?! i walked over to it and grabbed it with both my hands, why is this here?

this photo was one of the few photos i had with my mum, it was when we went, just us two to the eiffel tower... it's was right before her divorce and for some reason, we looked really happy, i was, not just for being at the eiffel tower but because i was with my mum... sadly i don't fell like that often... and she doesn't act like a mum often either! i placed it on the table again and grabbed a picture where Poppy and Ruby where hugging Charles, they looked so happy.... i envy them... not just them, but other families, they have happy moments, family moments where they fell truly happy... why can't i have moments like those?!

-are you ok? - i heard a husky boy voice asking behind me, i placed the photo on the table and looked at the curly guy facing me with a worried face.

-yeah, i'm just fine - i said faking a smile and trying to walk out of the room but he steeped in front of me, what is it with everyone and steeping in front of me?! does that give them some kind of pleasure?!

-you don't look fine - he said placing his hand on my chin forcing me to look at his big green eyes, the moment his hand touched my skin it was like... electricity all over again....

i faced his big green eyes and felt tears forming in my eyes.... NO! i turned my face to the other side making his hand fall, he was not gonna get it! the last time i trusted someone this way...never again!

-sorry... - he said with a small smile but he looked... hurt?- but i know you're not ok, you can talk to me.

what if i did? NO! control yourself Freya, you're NOT doing it again, it always ends badly, you get hurt... i always get hurt!

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