Collage, FINALLY

this is my first story and i hope you guys like it.... also i am a HUGE directioner so this will be about one direction.


3. Ringlets and Disapproval

Still Jenny's P.O.V.

As I walked away from Bell getting up off the floor I was deciding the flirtyest way to wear my hair for Trevor. I finally settled for my natural hair, blonde that has perfect ringlets down to my bellybotton in leangth, if it was straightend it was down to my bum. I blowdried it and put in some heart shaped clips to pull by bangs back. I was wearing a zebra stripe mini skirt and a black v-neck kinda seethrough shirt with a zebra stripe bra you could see the pattern to through my shirt and I wore two inch heals that were also zebra striped. I love zebra stripes. For makeup I did smokey eyes with rose pink lips.As I was walking through the door Bell looked up and gawked. ``What are you so dressed up for Jenny?`` She asked. ``Tell you the story downstairs.`` I replied with a smug smile on my face.

Bell`s P.O.V.

What is the story? I couldn`t help but wonder that when Jenny walked outta my room. ``O.K. Now what am I gonna wear?`` I thought aloud. ``Well if Jenny`s so dressed up I guess she wants to look good so I`ll put on some of my highschool cloths that we all got from the school, it`ll make Jenny look good and I`ll be comphy on the plane.`` So I threw on my sweatpants and tank top with my school logo on them. The maple leafs was our name with a big red mape leaf behind the words. Then overtop of my undershirt I put on my roomy fusha sweater that also had our school logo on it. Then for shoes I put on some black Uggs to match my tanktop and sweatpants and put my hair in a messy bun. No makeup for today.

Jenny`s P.O.V.

As I walked downstairs I had a belly full of butterflies. I looked down and saw Trevor with P.J. pants that were camoflage and an undershirt that was gray. So cute! When he looked up he dropped the spoon full of cereal back into the bowl and stared at me with amazed eyes. I giggled. ``What, you`ve never seen me this cute before??`` Of corse I said that with a flirty smile on my face. He blushed and looked down. He got up, smiled at me nervously, and as he walked by he pointed to a note on the table. How sweet, he wrote me a note!! I walked over pickd it up and you`ll never ges what it said!

Bell`s P.O.V.

As I walked down the stairs I passed a blushing Trevor scurrying to his room and when I got down to the kitchen I saw a Half eaten bowl of cereal, ugggh, probably Trevor`s, Jenny, and a, omigosh, a note in her hand that had her name in Trevor`s, of all people, Trevor`s handwritting. Well let`s have some fun with this! I snuch up behind her and snatched the note from her, Jenny`s gaze dropped into a shockd face. ``Bell!`` She said nevously. ``It`s you!` And tried to grab the note back. ``Na, na, na!`` I gigled holding out my arm to Jenny`s forehead. I read the note, calmly handed it to Jenny and screeched ``TREVOR!!!!``

Jenny`s P.O.V.

Oh, no! She took the note and read it, I didn`t even read it yet! Lets see wha made her so angry.....

That`s what made her so mad, heres what the note said.

``Dear Jenny,

That kiss whas great last night and I wanted to let you know that I like you too. And I was wondering once you get back from collage would you like to go on a date with me and hopefully be my girlfriend. I just don`t want to tie you down before collage, the best years of you`re life.



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