Collage, FINALLY

this is my first story and i hope you guys like it.... also i am a HUGE directioner so this will be about one direction.


1. Packing

"Well, this is it..." I sighed to my friend Jenny. "The last night I'll spend in Canada living with my family." Me and Jenny were moving to England tomorrow morning. We were going to share a dorm in a mixed gender collage...... where ONE DIRECTION was officially going to! We were scared and exited to finally go to collage, but with five amazingly cute boys around who wouldn't be?! "Annabell chill! We will come back to visit you know!" Laughed Jenny. I sure hoped so, or would I be too caught up with my hopefully new boyfriend to visit?? "Jenny, are you finished packing?" I asked. "Almoast Bell, you?" Bell was my nickname. Annabell was just too long and quite frankly it was only used at school by teachers and by my mom when I was in trouble. And if you were wondering yes, I live with my mom because my dad abandond us when I was a baby. I just don't like to talk about why. "Almoast, almoast, almoast," I was tossing in my last few things like makeup, jewlry,facial clensers, and of corse my One Direction posters, at least some of them. I am a nut about skin health and One Direction. "And DONE!" I squealed cheerfully. "Oh brother," sighed Jenny. "are you being all squealy now because you're thinking about One Direction going to the same collage as us and them being on the same floor as us so you get a better chance with Harry??"Teased Jenny. "Phhhht no," I said sarcastically. " I'm just really exited to...." I had to stop and think for a moment to get myself an excuse for why I was being exited, "uhhhhhhhhhhhh, GO ON A PLANE!!!" I practically shouted impressed that I thought of an awnser for Jenny. "O.K......" Jenny said doubtfully."Then why are you gazing at you're jigantic Harry poster on you're wall, you're oviously thinking something about One Direction."  "Grrrrrrrr, you caught me, I was thinking about Harry." I hated Jenny for this thing that she dose with me to tell if I'm lying, it's totally annoying. Especially last year when her birthday came around and she went through list of things she thought I'd get her and of corse I said no to everything and at  the end the yelled YES, I'm gettin a new sweater. That's when I found out she had that talent." Haha I knew it, and also I'm done packing!" Said Jenny."O.K.," I sighed. " Time for bed." I yawned dramaticly, witch only made Jenny laugh. "Kk." she said. " You get a head start on seep and I'm gonna grab a shower and come to bed." Night!" I called "Night Bell." She called back.

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