Collage, FINALLY

this is my first story and i hope you guys like it.... also i am a HUGE directioner so this will be about one direction.


5. More Packing and a Whole Lot of Exitement

Bell`s P.O.V.

Well after that akward siduation me and Jenny went and packed our carry-ons for the plane. In mine I put elastics, my i-pad, i-pod, netbook, and my P.J.s. The reason I loved the airline we were going on was because it had free wi-fi! Yes! So did the dorm we were sharing at the collage. ``Jenny?`` I asked in my moast innocent tone. ``What!?`` Jenny tried to look serious and act serious but instead she burst out laughing. ``Ha ha, I got you`re riiiiing!!`` I cried as I grabbed her ring off of her finger and scampered away into the backyard. The ring I took was the ring her dad gave to her to remember him at collage by. I ran around to the back corrner of the house where I could jump out and scare her. As soon as I crouched in my spot I heard thumping coming down the stairs, wait that was more than one person running it sounded like three people, oh no! Jenny had recruted my big brother Dean and my twin Trevor to help her get her ring back. I slid the ring onto my finger and waited for them to come outside so when I heard them searching the house for me I saw Dean in the window by our T.V. room by the backyard so I started dancing in front of the window hoping for him to notice me. As soon as I started doing the shuffle her turned and saw me. All of a sudden he bellowed for everyone in the house to hear. ``SHE`S IN THE YARD!!!!!!``  As soon as the sound escaped his lips I ran as fast as I could and hid again by the corrner of the house. I heard them coming as if they were a stampeed of elephants. They were all yelling things like, ``GIMMIE BACK MY RING BELL!``, and ``WHEN WE FIND YOU DEAN AND I ARE GOING TO NOOGIE YOU TO DEATH!`` Then the finally got to the back corrner of the house I pounced out over their heads, thank you six years of gymnastics, and into the woods, unfourtiounetly I`m a really slow runner so they had a bit of an unfair advantage. 

Jenny`s P.O.V.

``She better give my ring back!`` I pouted to Dean in a playful voice. ``Don`t worry she will!`` Called Devon from in front of us. He picked up speed and THUMP, he pounced on Bell like she was a mouse and he was a cat. Sence Devon had her pinned to the ground I searched Bell for my ring. ``Found it!`` I squealed and pulled the ring off of Bell`s finger and swished it onto mine. But then when Devon was about to get off of Bell, Dean yelled ``DOG PILE!`` in the manliest voice he could and grabbed me and flung himself on top of Bell and Devon. Of course this caught me by surprise so I squealed when he grabbed me. For about ten miniutes we were just a giggling and laughing pile of limbs.

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