Collage, FINALLY

this is my first story and i hope you guys like it.... also i am a HUGE directioner so this will be about one direction.


4. Love, Irony and more disapproval

Jenny``s P.O.V.

Awwwwwww!!!! Trevor is so sweet! Oh, wait a miniute, better go and help him from Bell`s rage.

Bell`s P.O.V.

``I AM SO GOING TO KILL YOU TREVOR!`` I screeched in the angriest voice I`ve ever used on Trevor. I burst into his room and he almoast fell off the bed. ``What. The. Hell Trevor! You have a crush on my best friend!?`` He instantly starts blushing and went, ``Oh, she told you??`` Suprisingly harshly to me. ``She didn`t have to! I took the note from her to tease her and read it and, figures, you freeking KISSED her!``  ``Well of corse I kissed her, I`ve liked her seince third grade and just found out she likes me, so DUH I kissed her! I`ve been waiting to do that seince I was eight!`` Oh, he has? I felt my expression soften. Also a gutwrenching urge to throw up, moastly because my brother and my best friend might be dating soon. ``I didn`t know that Trev,`` I walked over and gave him a hug. `` but seince I know that now I and fine for you to date her.`` Iwwwww was all I was thinking as I said that but I didn`t want to ruin a perfect brother sister moment there. ``WAIT BELL, DON`T YELL AT TREVOR!!!!`` Jenny screemed in Trevor`s defense as she burst in. I giggled, I didn`t have to ruin the moment, Jenny did! ``Hahahahahahaha!!!`` I couldn`t help but burst out laughing at that thought.

Jenny`s P.O.V.

What the heck, why is she laughing, was I not stern enough?? I felt the confusion twist my face as Bell wiped away tears after her laughing attack. I glanced at Trevor he looked a mixed of confused like me and and a flirty smile when our gaze met. I quickly looked away. ``Jen? You know you`re a little late on the burst in right?`` Bell said laughing. ``Uhhhhhhh, what?`` I asked oviously confused. ``Me and Trev were in the middle of a brother sister moment here and you burst in and yelled, well you yelled THAT, totally ironic for this moment.`` I pulled my lips down to a point near my chin and looked at Trevor VERY red faced. He just giggled and nodded like he could read my mind. What was on my mind at that second was `Really Jen you always come on with the best comments to produce irony.`I smacked myself on the forehead thinking `STUPID, STUPID, STUPID!`

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