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Kaitlyn and Niall have been best friends since they were 6 when Kaitlyn moved to Mullingar, Ireland. She had a crush on him. When he left for the X factor, she told him and he hasn't talked to her since. When she sees him two years later at the mall, what will happen?

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12. Your A Pain

*Time Skip: Kaitlyn playing the boys in a match of soccer and Niall was on her team and every time they scored a goal he kisses her* "Okay guys last time I'm kind of tired." "Ugh well FINE." Louis said with his hands on his hips in the goal net. While he was being sassy, I kicked the ball as hard and as fast as I could. It flew past Louis and in the net. "SCORE 14!" Niall screamed and came over to me and gave me my fourteenth peck of the hour or so. Louis stood there with his jaw dropped and stared at the ball, then at me, then back at the ball. He did this a few more times then screamed at me who was at the middle of the field. "HOW? YOU! YOUR A CHEERLEADER NOT A FOOTBALL PLAYER!?" I smirked at him. "We'll I've seen my fair share of games to figure it out!" Niall, along with the other boys, were snickering. Louis stood there and just bust out laughing. I love how I barely even know them and we just get on so well. Niall came up behind me and put his hands on my hips and put my hands on on his. Liam's expression went to a 'aww das as cute!!' look and I just laughed and looked up at Niall. Hes like a few inches taller than me. Just then my phone rang on full volume. 'MAYBE SHE'S JUST TRYING TO TEST ME WANNA SEE HOW HARD I'M GAN-' All the boys burst out laughing. "Yes? I'm kinda in the middle of something Bri." "Ooh like what? A DATE?" Niall grabbed the phone out of my hands. "Yes she is. Yes this is Niall. Yea sure! No no problem. We are at the park by the mall. Yup. K bye." Then he hung the phone. "What did you do?" "Nothing." He smirked at me and when I reached my phone, he lifted I up above my head so I couldn't reach it. "Give my phone. NOW." "Aye Zayn! Catch!" He chucked my phone at Zayn who was a few yards away. "NIALL! That's a £400 phone! Be careful!" He just snickered as Zayn typed something in my phone. I tried to get away but Niall held my waist tight. I tried to get him to let go but he wouldn't budge. "Your a pain!" I said in a agitated voice at Niall.
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