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Kaitlyn and Niall have been best friends since they were 6 when Kaitlyn moved to Mullingar, Ireland. She had a crush on him. When he left for the X factor, she told him and he hasn't talked to her since. When she sees him two years later at the mall, what will happen?

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8. Nando's

Kaitlyn's P.O.V.:

The car ride home was filled with Brianna obsessing over Niall. When we got back to my house, we went up to my room and I looked at Brianna. "What am I going to wear?" She ran to my closet and pulled out my new red skinny jeans. "You can wear these pants courtesy of MOI" she said while flipping her hair. "And this top." She pulled out a black flutter top with LOVE printed across it in red letters. "Perfect!" I grabbed the pants and the shirt and ran into the bathroom. My phone buzzed. It was a text:


FROM: Niall <3

Im at Nandos beautiful :)

TO: Niall <3

o crud well im getting changed ill be there in a bit. lol

FROM: Niall <3

lol see you in a couple?

TO: Niall <3

yea bye <3

FROM: Niall <3

biee <3


I got dressed and came out of the bathroom. "GORGEOUS!" "I don't mean to be rude but you have to go home now." "UGH FINE! haha." I got in the car when she left. Nando's was only 3 minutes away so this wouldn't take long. When I got there he was waiting outside. I ran out of the car and kissed him. The paparazzi came and started taking pictures. "I wasn't really that hungry Niall" "Honestly neither was I." We linked hands and ran until we found a beach about a block or 2 away. He brought me in the middle of the sand and put his hands on my hips and kissed me. I put my hands on his shoulders. I pulled away and smiled. He smiled and then poked me in the ribs. "NIALL! YOU KNOW I'VE ALWAYS HATED THAT! YOUR GOING TO GET IT!" Before I new it, I was chasing Niall around the beach and you probably could have heard our laughing a mile away. God I love him!


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