"Loving him is like driving a new Maserati down a dead end street..."
* * * * *
Casey was the popular girl in the school. She wasn't as nice as the other girls, not that surprising since she's popular. She's the girl version of Louis.
Louis was the popular BOY at the school. He was just like Casey but in a boy form. He could be sensitive at times, but not when he's being his sassy self.
When these two get paired up in a science project together, they see the different sides of each other. Casey's actually a know-it-all, pretending to be stupid all the time to get guys. Louis' really a caring guy, that loves his family so much but lies about all the fights he has with them. He doesn't have fights with his family at all.
Casey begins to have feelings for him, but pushes them away because she doesn't want to hurt Harry, her boyfriend.
But what will she do when Louis starts to have feelings for her too?


1. Meet The (Main) Characters..

Casey; (Jennette McCurdy) A sassy, but classy, popular that doesn't care about the rest of the world. But deep inside she's a nerdy girl, that wears glasses and can be very smart. She works at a coffee-shop near the school after she goes to school for some cash. Her parents spoil her to death with expensive cars, clothes, and many more. 

Louis; (Louis Tomlinson) He's like a copy of Casey, a sassy guy that doesn't care about anyone besides himself. But, just like Casey, has a different side to him. He's a really sweet guy that loves his family to death. He knows how to take care of kids and his mom even says he'll be a great father someday. Of course, to be cool, Louis says his parents get into fights with him a lot, which is a lie. His parents would never hurt him. He works at the same place as Casey, so they see each other everyday anyways.

Harry; (Harry Styles) Casey's boyfriend. Of course the popular girl would go for Harry. He's the romantic type, but can be sexual, but Casey doesn't mind a bit. He could be a player at points but he can be a sweet guy too. Harry's a jock, which means he plays 'football', but not american football, soccer is what I meant. They live in London, so what do you expect? Also, he's Louis' best friend, so I guess it's not so great dating your enemy's best friend. 

Jackie; (Ariana Grande) Casey's best friend. Harry always had, had a crush on little Jackie. They were great friends so, it was bound to happen. Jackie liked Harry in the past, but when Casey started dating him she pushed the feelings away. She still has a tiny bit of feelings for him, it just wouldn't go away. 

This story will start soon.. I might make the first chapter soon today, so don't worry. xD

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