"Loving him is like driving a new Maserati down a dead end street..."
* * * * *
Casey was the popular girl in the school. She wasn't as nice as the other girls, not that surprising since she's popular. She's the girl version of Louis.
Louis was the popular BOY at the school. He was just like Casey but in a boy form. He could be sensitive at times, but not when he's being his sassy self.
When these two get paired up in a science project together, they see the different sides of each other. Casey's actually a know-it-all, pretending to be stupid all the time to get guys. Louis' really a caring guy, that loves his family so much but lies about all the fights he has with them. He doesn't have fights with his family at all.
Casey begins to have feelings for him, but pushes them away because she doesn't want to hurt Harry, her boyfriend.
But what will she do when Louis starts to have feelings for her too?


2. Chapter 1

Casey's POV

I stepped into the hallways like a princess, and like every morning, people stared. It was a normal thing, getting all this attention from these strangers. Only a few eyes weren't looking at me. I knew exactly who they were. One of them, of course, was Louis Tomlinson. The idiot that gives me death glares every morning. The rest were his friends. Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, and Liam Payne. They were a pain in the ass as well. My hatred for them grows every time they try to annoy me with their stupid remarks and sassy comebacks, mostly Louis had those. 

People say that Louis and I are alike in a way. Just because we're both sassy doesn't mean we're the same. I mean, when I look at him I wanna puke. Yeah, he has girls crawling all over him but I just don't understand why. He's a total jerk, not as good looking as me, and gives too sassy comebacks that makes me go crazy, and not in a good way.

"I see your wearing those same shoes again, Parker," Louis spat as I past by him. "How about you buy some new shoes, hun?" He started walking behind me, with his posse right behind him.

Oh, and did I mention that he's always about 'fashion'. It's like there's a teenaged girl trapped inside him. "Maybe I should buy you some too, Tomlinson. Yours look.." I took a pause to look at his shoes. They were slightly ripped and beaten. "eww!" I threw my hands up in the air as I walked faster.

He scoffed behind me as I kept walking. I turned around to see him standing there in the hallway, with his posse still by his side. "I- Yo-" he stuttered, trying to find a comeback that was better than mine. 

I laughed and turned back around. "I'll get you, Parker!" I heard him yell. I rolled my eyes at his comment and kept walking. An arm flung around my shoulders. I looked up to see emerald green eyes staring down at me. 

"Hey, babe." I mumbled, before pressing my lips on his softly. He pulled away from the kiss with a smile on his face. 

"Hey, Casey-boo." Harry cooed, nibbling on my ear. I smiled and pulled away, laughing quietly. 

"Not now, babe," I muttered. "not now." He smiled at me as I held onto his hand that wrapped around me. Jackie came running towards us as Harry nervously took his arm off me. Confused, I looked at him, wondering why he would take his arm off.

"Casey, Casey, Casey!" Jackie yelled as she ran towards me. A few slips later, she arrived in front of my face. She was panting and bending down, trying to catch her breath. When she caught her breath, she looked up at me. "Did you know we're going to have a science project, and that we're going to be paired up with someone?" 

My mouth almost fell to the floor. The thought of pairing up with someone I hate ran through my brain. What if I got Louis? Shiver. "What? Well, that's not great at all." I mumbled. 

"How is that not great, babe? What if you get me?" Harry asked. I totally forgot he was there. He was actually being quiet the whole time. That's not like him at all.

I fake smiled, knowing that if I smiled a real smile everyone would think I'm really happy. Which I'm not. So, I don't want to really smile. "I wouldn't mind that at all, baby. But I'm just afraid I'm going to get Tomlinson, Payne, Horan, or Malik." I told him. 

He sighed and shook his head. "They have names 'ya know." he muttered. I was shocked by what he said. He was defending those idiots! Wait, wait, wait. He's best friends with the idiots that's why. Duh!

"Sorry.." I mumbled. I actually didn't know what to say. I opened my mouth to speak but the bell rang. My eyes shut closed as it did. Science class was next. Louis' in that class. I can't be paired up with him, right? 

Harry went to the bathroom as me and Jackie walked to class. "You don't think I'll be paired up with Tomlinson, right?" I blurted out. I waited for her to respond but she said nothing. "Right?" I pretty much yelled to get her attention. 

She looked at me. "You never know, Case," she said. "Mr. M might put you two together." My teeth clenched together. I'm not sure if I'm mad or just upset right now. 

We both walked to Science. Surprisingly, we walked in late. I got a few stares by people, including Louis who was sitting in the back, and in the desk next to mine. 

He scoffed as I walked to my seat. "Late again, huh, Parker?" he whispered. I just rolled my eyes as the teacher started talking.

"Okay, class. Today, I will be pairing you up with someone that might not be your friend, but don't worry, it's just for one assignment." Mr. M told all of us. I groaned. Yeah, a really stupid one. I thought. "I will now start pairing people up, okay?" 

He paired Jackie with Harry, making me frown. I wanted to be with Harry or Jackie. Damn it, I'm screwed. "Casey Parker.." Mr. M said aloud. "You will be paired with.." he took a long pause as he looked around the class. 

"Louis Tomlinson." 


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