Ava is 21 and is living her life on the road. In California she meets the mysterious guy Zayn. She tells herself that he is nothing more than a lover, but can she control her feelings towards Zayn?

Some what inspired by the song Ride by Lana Del Rey


1. Gin is best when you drink it alone.


”God damn it, you won again!” I leaned back in the bar chair, looking over at the two boys playing dart for the 5th time tonight, both clearly affected by all of the alcohol they had been drinking. One of them had long-ish, strawberry blond hair; the other had soft chocolate curls more messy than the t-shirt he was wearing. Aiden and Zayn, at least I think so… At the other end of the bar, a bunch of other guys were hanging out, the one more drunk than the other. And there I sat, alone in a bar somewhere in California, emptying the weary last of my glass of gin. Sounds sad right? It isn’t. This is how I have chosen to live my life; on the road. You see, I grew up in Florida. A horrible place, isn’t it? Especially in Jacksonville. The same people, doing the same things, working the same jobs, going home to their perfect little families, every day. So when I was 18 I moved to Miami and got a job as a maid and worked a couple of hours a week in a grocery store, but then after 2 years, I realized that I still wasn’t living my life the way I wanted to. So I packed a back, and went to Georgia with nothing but 200 dollars and my favorite boots. There I met a group of guys on motorcycles that were going to Arkansas. In that group I met my first big love, Christopher. But when we reached Arkansas, we went separate ways and I haven’t talked to him since. Then I met another group of people, going to Kansas. In that group I also met a boy. We traveled the road together for a month and a half, and then went separate ways. That’s been my life for the past year. A new group, new friends, a new lover… Working a few jobs here and there, to pay for gas, food and shelter.
Now I’m here, in San Bernardino, California, with Zayn, Aiden and all of the other weirdoes. All of them looked the same, in some way. Some was older of course, and some had beards. All of them wore either denim or leather jackets. But for some reason, Zayn stood out to me. He was without a doubt the most attractive of the group, but it wasn’t just that. There was something about him, something so mysterious; I just had to find out more. His eyes were emerald green, but like the rest of him, it was like there was more to them; a story or a secret that has yet to be told.

I was awoken from my day dream, by a hug from behind. Zayn. “Why are you sitting here alone babe?” “Gin is best when you drink it alone” I could hear him let out a small grin. “Well in that case, I am going to buy us some beer. ‘Cause those are best when you’re two” He was right, that bastard. “So…” he started, as he slipped a cold beer over the bar desk to me. “Where are you planning on going, after this? Are you going with us?” “Actually, I was planning on going to San Diego” I took a sip of the not so cold beer. “What the heck are you planning on doing in San Diego?” This had actually been my plan from the start, but no one has ever bothered asking why. “I want to travel along the west coast, all the way up to Seattle. God must know where I’m going after that.” He lifted his bottle “Well, cheers to that” “Cheers” I softly hit my glass against his, but still the sound echoed through the small bar.

I may post a second chapter, if anyone would be interested in reading it. 
All kinds ofresponse is much appreciated, but keep it in a nice tone.

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