The Ugly Truth.

My poems. Feel free to take a look.
Different poem each chapter.


6. Fly On The Wall.

Fly on the wall,
Fly on the wall,
You sit there quietly,
Observing what's around maybe?

I don't know.

Fly on the wall,
Fly on the wall,
You carry many secrets,
Dark omens.

No-one notices you,
Just thinks you're a decoration,
Although you take in what you see and hear.
That's why you're a danger to me.

Fly on the wall,
Fly on the wall,
You sneak around,
Waiting to pounce.

But why?
That's not clear yet.

Fly on the wall,
Fly on the wall,
Many a times have I been warned,
About the blood on your breath.

I ignored what was said,
You seemed perfectly fine there,
Sat casually,
Sometimes joining in with our games and fun.
I wasn't really curious about why you could move,
I just thought you were my friends toy.

Fly on the wall,
Fly on the wall,
You're restlessly buzzing now,
Getting ready to take flight.

I asked my friends,
"Why bring the same teddy?"
They replied with "What teddy? Don't you mean your one?"
I thought they were playing with me,
So I never questioned them again.

I do not know how,
But you've stolen my soul.

Fly on the wall,
Fly on the wall,
I can smell your blooded breath,
Sucking my soul out of my dried up body.

You were a demon little fly.
You sat there and watched whilst I went insane.
Everyone else could see you.
Everyone told me that you were sat next to me.
Thought you were a teddy they did.
I couldn't see you, only when someone else was there.
I thought you were a voice in my head.
One day,
I saw you,
Sat there,

Red face.
Pale yellow horns.
Clawed hands.
Long tail.
Sharp white teeth.

Little fly,
Oh little fly,
You were no fly,
You were the voice in my head.
You were my nightmares.
You were the breathing down my neck.
You were the scratches, bruises that appeared on my body.

Little fly,
Oh little fly.

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