The Ugly Truth.

My poems. Feel free to take a look.
Different poem each chapter.


3. Cackle, Creek.

Cackle, Cackle goes the clown,

sat at the end of my bed,

waiting by my dressing gown.

It's there, all the time, 

stalking me.

Creeping up on me in the dead of the night.

Turning things on and off giving me a fright.


Oh no!

Its coming for me,

What do I do now?

It has a knife.

Cackle, creek, cackle, creek.


He's outside my door,

I see his silhouette standing there waiting,

I don't know if I can take anymore.

I'm hiding in the wardrobe.


He's in my room now


The colours,

They're pretty.

I must go see,

What it's like to be crazy. 


As I emerge he stabs me,

But I laugh with glee.

Then he leaves,

And on his way out,

Receives his knife from my chest.


Cackle, creek, cackle, creek,

Goes the clown,

Who used to sit by my dressing gown.

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