When Kennedy Farrow enrolls in her first year in college, her and her boyfriend Matt are set in a long-distance relationship. But when Kennedy continuosly meets one particular boy, will she leave Matt or finally except the fact that she is meant to be with Niall Horan


2. The Never-Ending Hallway


I knew who who he was, I mean, who wouldn't! I had to admit, Niall was cute. But I am not a fan of One Direction. And, I can't like like him because I have a boyfriend. Derek. He was sweet and perfect and everything! For my birthday, he got me an iPhone 5. Well, I kinda chipped in a bit, but he paid for most of it! I wasn't going to let him buy me a $200 phone for just a birthday! 

"Hi Niall." I said with a sarcastic tone. I wasn't that into having someone show me around. I mean, I wasn't a preschooler, I knew how to walk myself around. "So, what's your schedule?" I looked down at a paper that was supposed to be my schedule. "Um, first period I have drama, second is math, third is science, fourth is choir, fifth is um... social studies," I could feel Niall staring at me. I felt okward. "And sixth is English."

"I can show you to your classes, if you like? I have the same schedule." Niall's cheeky little smile spread from ear to ear. I thought to myself, Great! A whole school day with One Direction! I mean, I know millions of girls would die to be in my place, but, I don't know, I think I might like him.

"No thanks, Niall. But thank you for the offer!" I tried to fake a smile as Niall's smile slowly faded. "Oh." He pouted. "I am sorry! It's just, I don't like being treated like a baby. I mean, I am old enough to find my way, but thank you so much!!!" "No problem." Niall turned the other way and slowly walked. 

I headed down the hallway. I was guessing that classes had already started because the halls were empty, other than a few people running to and from their lockers heading to a class. I looked down at my schedule. I had to find all six rooms and go meet the teacher, or something like that. I started with math class, room 124. I headed all the way down the twisting and turning hallway until I came to a dead end. 

O.K. I admit it. I was lost. I didn't know how to get to my classes. Now I wish Niall was still here. This hallway was soooo long!

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