When Kennedy Farrow enrolls in her first year in college, her and her boyfriend Matt are set in a long-distance relationship. But when Kennedy continuosly meets one particular boy, will she leave Matt or finally except the fact that she is meant to be with Niall Horan


1. Enrollment


Because of my parent's divorce, I have had to move all over the place. My mom gets a bunch of job offers all over the place, and I just want to stay in one place, so I hope she finds 'the perfect place.' My dad on the other hand moved to America. My mom wants me to stay with her, and I honestly didn't want to argue.

So now I am in London, England, and I am enrolling into my first year of college, and it gets hard, but it's not like I had any friends in any of my other schools. 

"Fairfield Worthingtons University. Nice name." I joked sarcastically. My mom was walking all fancily in her tight work suit. "Oh come on, Kennedy. I know you aren't happy about moving all over, but..." "I know. I know mom. 'It has to happen!'" I mimicked what she said every time I started out at a new school. "Don't copp that attitude with me!" I just rolled my eyes. Everytime I said something, she would just get mad. 

I walked into the death trap, or as some call it, school. It seemed nice. The lockers were big, there were tvs everywhere, the floor wasn't dirty. It seemed more like a preppy academy. I walked into the office with my mom walking ahead of me. I don't know how she knew where she was going. This school was so big.

As I walked down the hall filled with students walking around in preppy uniforms, a group of girls walked over to me. "Hey, new girl! Don't get your head stuck in the clouds daydreaming about him!" What were they talking about?! I just continued walking, ignoring it for now. 

I stood outside the office on my phone while the principal and my mom were talking. "Hello, love." I quickly put my phone back into my pocket and looked up to see a boy with blonde hair and cute messed up teeth. "No no no no!" "What's wrong?!" "YOU GO HERE!!!!!" I can't believe it! Every single girl I know can't stop talking about this. I was just waiting for my mom to get out of the office so I could leave this kid's eyesight. 

Finally, the principal came out of the door. "Hello, Kennedy. It's nice to meet you. Um, he will be showing you around here." The principal pointed toward the blond kid again. "Hi, Kennedy. My name is Niall."

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