Things are looking up...

Cherry isn’t your normal teen, although she loves all of the typical teen stuff she is quite different. She’s a shape shifter, trying to live a normal life disguised as a normal teen, but one boy is about to blow her cover...


2. Chapter Two


I was just about to start eating the pasta I had just bought in the canteen when my phone started ringing. I put down the plastic fork and dug around in my bag for my phone.

I pressed the ‘accept call’ button and said, in what I expect was a very bored voice, hello.

‘Cherry, get out of school, they’ve found us, we have to go, now’ I heard my mother’s worried tone and knew that it was urgent. I grabbed the bowl of pasta and started to run out of the school. I heard a laugh behind me.

I turned to see Harry Styles, most popular, and most gorgeous, boy in school behind me, laughing.

‘What are you laughing at, Styles?’ I never called him Harry; otherwise he thinks you have a crush on him. He just thinks I hate him, and he’s right.

‘The fact that you think you can get away with sneaking out of school’ He said, in between laughs. I glared at him, and when he finally stopped laughing, I kicked him where it was guaranteed to hurt.

‘Owww, if you want I can just tell the principle that you skived’ He said, innocently.

‘Don’t, or I’ll kick you again, anyway don’t think I’m coming back’ I kept on glaring at him.

That’s when his eyes widened.

‘What? Why?’ He asked suspiciously. I had given too much away, and now he wanted to know more.

‘Just leave me alone!’ I snapped. I quickly ran off, leaving him standing there, his unanswered questions in the air.

I kept running, I knew in order to get there quickly I’d have to transform. I ditched the pasta and made sure no-one was looking, before transforming into a cat. For some reason I felt like myself in this form, like I had nothing to hide. I looked around again to see if anyone had appeared before scurrying off to my house to pack. Though I couldn’t shake off the feeling I was being followed.

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