3. Remembering


The doctor had said I could leave the hospital and that I was to stay with Harry. I still hadn’t managed to remember him. He had shown me pictures of us together and had told me lots about both my life and his.

He told me he was in a famous boy band. I had my doubts about this at first but then I saw a picture of him and four other boys on the cover of a popular magazine and started to think he was telling the truth.

I understood almost everything he told me, like how we’d been friends since year 3 and a year ago started dating, but the one thing I didn’t understand was how the crash that caused my amnesia happened. I had started to remember a bit about myself and from that I could see I was sensible. Never drank too much, and I was a careful driver. Always checking my tires were okay before I drove anywhere. How could I have been involved in such a crash? Harry said he had no idea either.

So here I am, sitting in Harry’s bedroom, looking through pictures, remembering.

I stop at one picture, obviously taken by someone else, a picture of me and Harry in front of a giant rollercoaster. I was sitting on his shoulders and pretending to be holding up the rollercoaster with a big smile. Harry was making sure I didn’t fall off his shoulders and grinning. We looked so happy, and when I looked at this picture I felt happy. 

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