It's Not Over

When Mackenzie gets the chance to meet one direction, She finds her best friend Hannah Parker holding Nialls hand. How could she have kept this secret from her? Mackenzie's world was falling apart when Hannah and Niall break up and Niall asks Mackenzie to go to a beach party with him for a date. Mackenzie doesn't know what to say because she is in risk of loosing her friends If she takes this once in a lifetime chance.


2. How I Met Him


I was just sitting there on the seat of the bus acting like nothing had ever happened, which it had. We were listening to my boyfriends band. Yes. I said it. My boyfriend. Niall horan. I couldn't keep it in, but with Mackenzie I had to. Niall was Mackenzie's favorite and she is even a year younger than Niall which means she wants to date marry and have kids with him, which might sound a little akward, so I decided to surprise her. "Kenz! I have a huge surprise for you!" I say hoping she won't go crazy when I tell her. "WHAT?!?!" She screamed and then realized she wasnt in private." I got us tickets to meet ONE DIRECTION!" I said. Mackenzie screamed and the bus stopped. But then we realized that it didn't stop on purpose, but that we had just crashed, and that's why everyone was screaming. As we crashed I hit the window and busted my head.

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This was the scariest moment of my life. I couldn't believe this happened. I look out my window and see a car crashed in the side of the bus. My leg hurt. Really bad. So did my foot. I look over at Hannah to see her head smashed against the window and her side bleeding. I looked down and see my leg bleeding badly. I couldn't move my foot. On the other hand I couldn't even move my leg. But I had to try to save Hannah. She was my best friend and I couldn't let her suffer. I called 911 and they said they would be there as soon as possible but my leg was in pain and I didint know if I could make it much longer.
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