You Are.... My Everything

I wrote this poem because I was in love. It's everything a love-poem is; gooey, bittersweet, and rose-mantic (slightly at the risk of sounding like my Foster-Dad here who thinks love is a "misunderstanding between two eejits"). But anyway, its the one poem I'm not very proud of, I'm an extreme feminist untill Niall comes along and tips my equilibrium. Before I ramble on, I wrote this up on Movellas because Niall told me to, he said a) it's amazing and b) It'll make him look good. He really can't say a compliment without an insult or witty comment after. Anyways, please look and leave a comment :) ;)


1. You Are.... My Everything

Just saying your name,

Sets me aight.

You are my firework,

On my dark night.


You are my sun,

My wind and my rain.

You are everything I need,

To be happy again.


You are my jigsaw,

The stars and the skies.

Your lovely, burning eyes,

Leave me on a permanent high.


You are the shadows,

I see at night.

Your beautiful insides,

Are burning my sight.


Your charisma and humour,

Makes me laugh lots.

You are the sea,

The shells and the rocks.


You are my daybreak,

My moonlight, my fire.

You are my everything,

That my heart desires.


My best friend to worst enemy,

You're all of these things.

Yet one thing left to say,

Your love gives me wings.

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