Live While We're Young

"Four Yeses-your through to bootcamp!"
Harry fell to his knees in happiness, on the stage. Everyone back stage was screaming or crying-doing something to show how happy and relieved they were. I just stood there grinning like an idiot. My big brother Harry Styles was through to bootcamp. I couldn't believe it.


4. Bonfire

Harry started up a bonfire in the garden while I ran upstairs to get changed into something more comfortable than school uniform. I just chucked on a vest top and some shorts, and let my hair out of a bun. Leaving it fall freely to just below my shoulders. When I came back downstairs mum was preparing food for the bonfire. "Are you and Greg joining us?" I asked her and she nodded.

"If that's okay with you?" She replied jokenly. I laughed.

"Course it is. Its your house after all!"

I helped mum carry the food out to the garden and when we got there all the boys had striped down to nothing except their boxers and were in the pool. Mum gave an unimpressed sigh when she saw my face of complete excitement of seeing good looking topless guys. "Get yourselves out of there and dried!" Mum shouted to them. "And put some clothes on while your at it! Your distracting Em!" i turned a dark shade of red. 

"Muuuummmmm!" I moaned as all the boys turned to look at me with surprised but amused expressions on their faces.


There was loads of food but I knew that none of it would go to waste. Not with five teenage boys in the house. It was a gorgeous summers evening. The garden looked amazing in the summer. Mum and Greg took great pride in there garden and took time to make sure it looked perfect. Everyone was joking around together and no one was left out. We were all haveing such a great time and even though we'd only known the boys for a couple of hours, it felt like we had known them our whole life. They were so easy to get along with. 


"So how long are these charming boys going to be in our company?" I asked. I looked at them all and each had a cheeky grin on their face after me calling them charming. "Till judges houses." Harry answered.

"Which is when?"

"They'll be here for four weeks." Harry replied with a mouth full of food.

"Four weeks?" i echoed and when Harry nodded, I couldn't hide the excitment from my face. 


Liam's P.O.V

The way Emily's face lit up when she heard we were staying for four weeks was cute. She was cute full stop to be fair. With her bright blue eyes and her blonde curly hair. She wasn't small but at the same time she wasn't tall. She was a nice height. I couldn't help but smile everytime I looked at her. It was really hard for me not to look at her.

"Right kids-we're heading in. Don't be too loud yeah? We don't want angry neighbours." Anne announced. We all nodded. 

"Night mum." Harry and Emily said at the same time.

"Goodnight!" I said cheerfully. I looked at Emily and she was staring at me with a sweet smile on her face. She looked away as soon as she saw me looking but when I didn't look away she looked back and we held eye contact for a while.

"How about I get the guitar out?" Niall asked. "And we can have a wee sing song for Em. She can tell us how bad we are!" He gave her a cheeky wink. I knew it was banter-nothing more...

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