Say goodbye to no more goodbyes

But pain is something I learnt
To block


1. No more goodbyes

Does it hurt letting someone go?

I wonder, walking along the beach.

I've done it once,

I remember it well.

But pain is something I've learnt

To block.

My dog, my home, my life,

My family, my friends, my cat.

Say goodbye,

To no more goodbyes.

So I brace myself

My heart beat quick

Beating out a rhythm too quick

To miss.

The hum of a hummingbird

A bitter sweet melody.

I press a hand to my heart 

And stare out at the crashing sea.

The boats wearing blue and red,

Proud sailors setting off to see

The sights of the world

The splendor, the beauty,

But me, not for me.

I stay, so I stay

Walking off the beach.

Say goodbye,

To no more goodbyes.

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