Everybody makes memories, whether they are great, horrible, exciting, or even life changing.


4. Chapter 4


Harry's P.O.V.

I was just fixing Maddy a bottle, because she was hungry anyway, as I was fixing it, I had to use the bathroom so I placed Maddy on the table then ran to the bathroom.

When I got back out of the bathroom, I found everyone on the ground in pain.

"Woah! What happened?!" I exclaimed.

"He took Maddy." Liam groaned as he picked up his phone. Oh my gosh this is all my fault. I ran out the door, as fast as I could trying to find her.

"Who did?" I asked nobody in particular.

"A man, he was in all black, he had a hood on so I couldn't see his face. He came in and tried to take Maddy, so Niall stood in front of him. He punched Niall down, and then Liam tackled him from behind, but the guy threw him off. He kicked me down and grabbed Maddy," Zayn told me. Then I saw it.

"One of you , call Lou and Sammi. He left something," I said. It was a letter.


         I took Maddy. If you want to see

         her again, come live with me.

         Don't you miss your dear old

         daddy? You will never see these

         boys again. If you do not come,

         Maddy will be dead. You wouldn't

         want your baby cousin dead? Would

         you? You have two months.

        -Love you! Daddy 

Oh, no.       



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