Everybody makes memories, whether they are great, horrible, exciting, or even life changing.


2. Chapter 2

Louis's POV

Glass shattering everywhere, was my last memory before I rushed her to the hospital. The one girl that I want to be with...the one that can easily patch your heart up with her smile.

"We need to do instant surgery Louis..." my mum said as she took Sam back into the room.

"Can I stay with her?" I asked hopefuly.

"You really love her dont you?" she questioned.

"Ya I do...did I tell you about Eleanor breaking up with me?" I asked.

"I heard about it on twitter..." she responded with sincer in her voice...I love my mum and nothing will make me not love her.

"Come on, lets go save her." she said while taking my hand and leading me to the room.

"She is still alive but she is unconcious." mum said while putting in an IV which caused Sam to jerk away and her eyes opened slightly.

"My stomach hurts." she mumbled while placing my hand in hers...causing both of us to smile.

"I will protect have to go through surgery. I will be here when you wake up." I said as I kissed her forehead.

"Hey Louis?" she asked.

"Ya Sam?" I asked concerned.

"I-I love you." she whispered then she was put to sleep. She was the only thing on my mind...

'what does she mean by she loves me?' 'does she love carrots?' and most of all 'is she willing to be mine?'

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