Inside The Mirror

Maddy has never really cared about ghosts or ghouls, especially vampires!
One night at a sleepover party, Maddy and her friends have a dare contest! All of the dares are pretty stupid until Jo thinks of the ultimate dare. Maddy will have to go into the haunted house on Oakley Street! Maddy is not really scared because the house is unoccupied, but she will soon discover that there might be one…or two residents!


5. Victor and Vera

A strange woman looked back at me. I was too afraid to scream. I pressed my hand against the glass. The woman raised her hand... and pulled me into the mirror! A pair of hands covered my mouth to stop me from screaming.

"Hush child," said a masculine voice.

"Victor, ask her name!" said a female.

"Yes, What is your name child?" asked Victor.

I could not reply as Victor was still covering my mouth.

"Vera, she is not replying!"

"Well, Victor maybe UNCOVERING HER MOUTH MIGHT HELP!!!!!!!!!!!" screched Vera.

Her voice was a high pitch scream.

He released my mouth and I told him my name.

Vera burst out laughing.

"Maddy! What kind of name is that for a child?" she cackled.

I caught a glimpse of her teeth. They were sharp and pointed. Vera was a vampire.

I looked at her closley.

She had pale skin and jet black hair. Her nails were long and painted black. Her lips were painted dark dark red. She was wearing a thin white dress with several tears.

Victor had pale skin and a black goatie beard. His hair was also jet black. He wore a red velvet waistcoat with black trousers and a black silk cloak.

" Get away from me you freaks!!!!" I cried.

"WHAT???" Vera screached.

I ran to the mirror as fast as I could, but Victor caught me.

"Oh no, child. We are not finished with you yet." said Victor with an errie voice.

They sat me down in a chair and tied me up.

" No one can know that we are here, so you will have to become one of us! " Vera cackled. I screamed so loud that the girls outside must have heard me as they came pounding into the room.

"I'm In the mirror!!!" I screamed.

I started to kick Victor in the shins, but he would not untie me. I started to give in. Until Emma and Megan came in throught the mirror.


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