Inside The Mirror

Maddy has never really cared about ghosts or ghouls, especially vampires!
One night at a sleepover party, Maddy and her friends have a dare contest! All of the dares are pretty stupid until Jo thinks of the ultimate dare. Maddy will have to go into the haunted house on Oakley Street! Maddy is not really scared because the house is unoccupied, but she will soon discover that there might be one…or two residents!


6. Saved!

"STOP RIGHT THERE!!!!" shouted Megan.

Victor nearly died when he seen them.

"Or what?" said Vera.

"Or we'll tell the Police that you live here!" interrupted Emma.

I signaled to Megan to untie me, so she snuck over and slowly and carefully undid the knot.

"RUN!!!!!!!" Emma shouted.

Victor looked around to see us running, but when he started to run we had already gone.

We had escaped from Victor and Vera!

We ran outside of the house to find Jo and Jodie sitting on a wall, biting their nails.

" Thank god your O.K!" cried Jo, as she hugged us all.

"I think at my next sleepover we won't have a dare contest!"

We all laughed together.

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