Inside The Mirror

Maddy has never really cared about ghosts or ghouls, especially vampires!
One night at a sleepover party, Maddy and her friends have a dare contest! All of the dares are pretty stupid until Jo thinks of the ultimate dare. Maddy will have to go into the haunted house on Oakley Street! Maddy is not really scared because the house is unoccupied, but she will soon discover that there might be one…or two residents!


3. 73 Oakly Street

I took a deep breath. This was it. I was about to enter the house that everyone was scared of. I knew ghosts didn't exist, but it was still as scary as heck.

" Well, go on." Jodie prompted.

I lookd up at the house. It even looked scary from the outside. It was covered in balck ivy and the bricks were crumbling. The windows were smashed and the grass was brown and knee high.The door was painted blood red and it had a brass lion knocker.

I walked up to the steps on the porch.

Creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! Creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!                 

I went to open the door. I looked back at my friends. They smiled and waved. Of course they were going to be smiling. They didn't have to go into a creepy house.

I opened the door. Inside it was empty. No old furniture or boxes. Just a single matress in the centre of the room. I explored further.I came across a room with the sign  DO NOT ENTER .



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