The Secret Diary of a Red-Headed Emo

The realization that I was an Emo wasn't at all surprising, but wanting to express it was different. So let's see how the first year goes...


9. 9th January 2012

The first person I saw at school was Jake, he got my message this morning, but I didn't get his reply, which is he's starting a band. He already had Luke on drums and he played the guitar, they need a main vocalist, a bass player and maybe if possible a keyboard/piano player. When I mentioned that I could sing, he was thrilled. Luckily I have the same taste in music as him, Paramore, My Chemical Romance, Three Days Grace ect.


P.E (Basketball) This was a good way to start my week, I pretended the hoop was my dad's face. Got everyone in, except one where I dented the actual wall. Teacher didn't notice.
English. Chavs annoying and kept asking me why I wasn't in for the past two days. Actually, come to think of it, I haven't told anyone why. Then it was break. I hung with Jake, Luke, Sarah and the others.


Geography. I don't really do work in this lesson in particular, just fuck about and search the internet.
Maths. One word: Boring. Lunch was pretty much the same as break. Advisory, same old thing.
Science. (Chemistry) Mr Kepler doesn't really pick on me, but he knows that I don't put in as much effort as other people. Mostly my two friends Claire and Mary, they're a bit boffin.


When I got back to Nan's I just went straight upstairs, read and completed Catching Fire (second book in the Hunger Games if you don't know). By the time I finished the book it was 1am, so I slept then without eating, like almost every Monday. Mondays are very depressing.

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