The Secret Diary of a Red-Headed Emo

The realization that I was an Emo wasn't at all surprising, but wanting to express it was different. So let's see how the first year goes...


8. 8th January 2012

Got to go back to school tomorrow, oh fun. People will be like, 'Oh why did you skive,' or just generally take the piss out of me. Today was quite fun actually. Nan decided to bake, so I joined in. The twins baked some kind of cupcakes, decorated them (very messily might I add.) When they were decorating, Nan and I baked an actual cake. A chocolate swirl cake (white and milk chocolate. Pretty basic for Nan but when I got hold of the icing I started to level up to her standard. By the time it was in the oven before decorating my cake, the twins were covered in sugar and icing. Like I said, very messy. That meant I had to clean them up, not exciting since they were running around. They obviously ate a bit of the icing while decorating, sugar loaded.


After the baking, I took the dog out after decorating the cake. I know I haven't mentioned her for a while but she was still alive and breathing. Near the house there is this country lane, which I remember since when I was little. Back when my Grandad was alive, we used to go for a walk there every time me and my parents visited. When I was eight, the twins were born, so the walking percentage dialed down. When I was nine my Grandad died from a heart attack. The twins don't remember him, which is unfortunate. He was the perfect male role-model. And that is definitely what they need since our Father is a pillock.


When I came home, the twins were munching on the cakes they made. My hyper activeness I can sense coming this way. My iPod touch bleeped at me when it sensed the Wi-fi was around it. I got a message from Jake saying 'Can you sing or play an instrument.' That quite a random question. I asked why, but he didn't reply. He's normally off Facebook by about 6pm, probably gaming or something like that.

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