The Secret Diary of a Red-Headed Emo

The realization that I was an Emo wasn't at all surprising, but wanting to express it was different. So let's see how the first year goes...


6. 6th January 2012

I didn't go to school that day either, I had an actual reason though. Most people think that having a stomach ache is a good enough reason to not go to school. Those people are idiotic. Today was very good though, compared to yesterday. Mum was awake most of the day, which is a good thing. The Doctor said she'll be able to go home in two or three weeks, depends on how she recovers. Sarah texted me where was I. I didn't reply. I preferred to keep this personal at the moment. After all, it was a family problem, and it was my choice whether or not to tell anyone.


Laura and William were still at Nan's. They did go to school yesterday and today, Nan told the school, to get them to not pressure them under anything. Probably didn't get homework either. I'm still the only one who knows that it was Dad who attacked her, other than Mum obviously. The rest of the day was pretty much the same.

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