The Secret Diary of a Red-Headed Emo

The realization that I was an Emo wasn't at all surprising, but wanting to express it was different. So let's see how the first year goes...


4. 4th January 2012

First day of school in the new year. I still don't remember what happened at that party, I don't think I did anything stupid, no-one was pointing or sniggering when I walked pass. My best friend Sarah said my hair was 'Epically Awesome!' Quote. The chavs at the school weren't so positive, but they never are to be honest. But that's the only thing they know, taking the piss out of other people because they aren't chavs. Bitches.


The teachers weren't so annoying today, just the usual amount. Lessons I had today:
Spanish. Working on my GCSE essay, it's 'really important' says Miss Field. Yeah... Sure.
Maths. Ms Kemlet was quiet today, a more sociable mood. She has her days of moodiness though. 'Learnt' about Gradient, I say it like that cause I've already forgotten about it.
Then I had break, none of the chavs came near me. Phew. Just hung out with my friends, I sort of hang out with a group of people like me. Social outcasts. So we formed our own group.


Science (Physics). Ahhhh! My least favourite teacher. Mrs. Riplin. Kill me please! Jesus christ. I swear she has a thing against me, like I'm evil or something, she picks on me and Sarah. It pisses me right off. But then after Science, I have the perfect lesson to loose my frustration and anger.
P.E (Basketball) Thank Fuck! Favourite lesson (One of two actually). No writing about things I won't want to know about, and lobbing a ball around a court, always fun. If I get a hoop of course, which I did.
Then I had lunch, which was pretty much the same as break. I don't know why, but the guys always tackle each other. It does sometimes end not so good, but I have to admit it. It's funny.


Then I had advisory, which is just plain shit. We just sit there, talking. Might as well just let us have an extended lunch. Would make more sense. But then I had my other favourite lesson.
English. Mrs Lilliman is by far my favourite teacher. I learnt, but I didn't get yelled at. Result!
Then it was the end of the day, walked home for about 10 minutes, headphones in. When I got home, went upstairs, watched YouTube for a while, and fell asleep while doing it.

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