The Secret Diary of a Red-Headed Emo

The realization that I was an Emo wasn't at all surprising, but wanting to express it was different. So let's see how the first year goes...


2. 2nd January 2012

Woke up, almost got attacked by my little brother. He didn't see me come in yesterday. He obviously missed me, I think so. Well, I'm guessing he did anyway. Ate a bowl of cereal. Went for a walk by myself listening to music, couldn't take the dog she was in season. Went into the Chemists, got some hair dye. Been meaning to dye my hair for a few months now. Got home. Watched random shit on YouTube, including a couple Cinnamon Challenges. Might do one myself, that would be a laugh. For the people watching obviously not me. Somehow I did that until 6pm. Went downstairs, played Monopoly with my little Brother and Sister. They 'won.' Difference actually, I let them win. Got to be there for them too since Dad fucked off again, asshole. I swear, I could just punch him in the face. Anyway, another energy drink was consumed. So the other half of The Hunger Games.

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