The Secret Diary of a Red-Headed Emo

The realization that I was an Emo wasn't at all surprising, but wanting to express it was different. So let's see how the first year goes...


11. 11th January 2012

I woke up with dried blood on my wrist, not much, but a little bit. I immediately washed it off in the bathroom, I didn't want to worry Nan. Jake was waiting for me again, but I definitely knew he wasn't in my first lesson, I had Spanish and he had ICT. I hate Spanish to the bone. I asked me when could I meet up with him outside of school, which sort of surprised me. I'm guessing it's so he could listen to me sing for his band, it still hasn't got a name. And he knows that I don't like singing at school, people tend to judge me. A lot.


Spanish. Jesus Christ, kill me now. Boring!
Maths. Oh, what a great way to follow Spanish. That was sarcasm by the way. Break was good, Jake could see I was really bored, so he was joking about and stuff. We continued our conversation from earlier, and we set a date. I was going to go over his house after school on Friday, I'll just get the school bus he gets.



Science. (Physics) Mrs Riplin. My three least favourite lessons in a row, what a shitty day. At least next lesson I let it out. Yes!
P.E (Basketball) I swear, I could play this game all day, it's just so much fun. Especially when it's me, Sarah, Luke, Jake, Mary and Claire all in one team. Awesomest P.E lesson yet! Lunch was fun in a weird sort of way. I went to the Library and Sarah, Mary and Claire came along. We just hung out and chatted in the corner. 


Advisory. Same old boring self. I'll tell you when something different happens.
English. Talk to Claire a bit, she sat on the row behind me.
When I got home, I asked Nan if I could go over Jake's house. She didn't hesitate to say yes, she said that I could 'chill with some friends'. I do that all the time at school, but oh well. Maybe she meant outside of school, that's probably what she meant. I rushed upstairs and read quite a bit of Percy Jackson, I forgot to start reading it yesterday. I ate some spaghetti with the others. The twins were eating rather cleanly for once, that's a lot to say for them. Especially since it was spaghetti.


I didn't retire to my bed after that, I stayed with the twins for a while. They were both playing with the stuffed animals that they were given by Nan last week. Eventually, Nan told them it was bedtime, and I took that as a hint for me to go to sleep too. I didn't read or anything, but got a message from Jake saying 'goodnight' just before I turned off the light. He was up late for him, on Facebook anyway. I sent back, 'Sleep tight,' then put the iPod down. I slept with a smile across my face.

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