"I thought I could trust you, but your just like all the rest!!!" I yelled while my voice was cracking.
I already had been crying but now I'm bawling...
"ME!! What about you ?! If it weren't for you we wouldn't be in this s***, now would we !!" Niall said yelling in the same tone
"B-Bùt I didn't mean for her to get hurt!! I didn't mean for her to......"

*to find out what they are talking about read and find out (:<*


2. Main Characters


Fav color: orange & blurple
Fav band: little mix, one direction, set it off, paramore
Fav song: misery, swagger jagger, moments, torn and grow up
Fav food: everything besides anything green
Bio: Hey guys its me Alex and im 16 years old. My mother gave birth to me on May 6 and i really do appreciate that.... My best friends are Arianna and Annabella....My "brothers" are Harry, Louis & Liam...Niall, well i see him as much more than a brother but he doesnt feel the same way :( Anyway we are all living in Ohio, USA but are originally from England


Fav color: RAINBOW
Fav band: one direction, plain white t's
Fav song: thinkin bout you, fall, stole my heart, and price tag
Fav food: ice cream
Bio: HELLLLLLLOOOOO!!!!!!!!! My name is Anna Gomez, yes i am Selena Gomez's little sister but i dont see her much anymore and i am 16. I have the same birthday as Alex so that makes us "twins". I am best friends with Alex and Ari...and i also have a crush on Harry. Me and Louis are kinda like brother and sister cause we always hang out and protect each other from danger.. Zayn and Niall are so quiet sometimes its annoying but i always pull pranks on them which is ALWAYS fun lol.

Arianna Grande

Fav color: every color u can think of
Fav band: one direction
Fav song: up all night, i want, live while we're young, take me home (;
Fav food: all sweets
Bio: Meow!! Im Ari or cat which is what my friends call me ^,^ Im 18 but am immature most of the time. I have an GIGANTIC crush on Louis. I dont know what it is about him, but we just have this connection when we are next to each other...The only person out of the group that i have a bad feeling about is Zayn.....He is always by himself and never talks to anyone most of the time...maybe its nothing....gtg for now

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