"I thought I could trust you, but your just like all the rest!!!" I yelled while my voice was cracking.
I already had been crying but now I'm bawling...
"ME!! What about you ?! If it weren't for you we wouldn't be in this s***, now would we !!" Niall said yelling in the same tone
"B-Bùt I didn't mean for her to get hurt!! I didn't mean for her to......"

*to find out what they are talking about read and find out (:<*


1. Flashback

*3 weeks ago*
...I wanna stay up all night and jump around unti-
"ughhh...why does it have to be monday" is what i said after turning my alarm off
As i was about to go back to sleep, the door suddenly swung open. I didnt move an inch because i knew exactly who it was.....
"MORNIIINNNGGG" yelled my lovable, yet annoying best friend Annabella (or anna for short)
I still didnt move because i hated school with a passion...
"Come on Alexia. We have to get you ready for schoooolll."
"Noooo" i murmured while holding a pillow over my head
"Do you WANT me to call Louis and Harry (they werent famous ion this story) over here??" she threatened
I shot up from my bed and into the bathroom as fast as i could, because i rather go to school than have to deal with those two this early in the morning..

*after taking a shower*
When i finished straightening my hair, I exited the bathroom and went into my closet.
It was pretty hot out so i decided to put on some shorts, holister tshirt and some white TOMS.
When I looked decent enough, we left the house and was on our way to the bus stop.

*after bus arrives and drops them off at school*
As I was walking in the direction to my locker, I was suddenly stopped by my best friends, Niall and Arianna. (yes Arianna Grande BEFORE she was famous)
"Hey Arianna, Niall" i greeted them
"Hey" they both said
"So whats up" I asked
"Well......we were wondering if you wanted to come with us and the rest of the lads, up to my parents cabin in a couple weeks" Niall asked with a hopeful expression on his face
"I dont know.....i would have to ask my parent. If they say yes then ill go" i responded
Just then both of them smiled so wide i thought they were gonna get stuck like that
"What??" i asked confused as ever
"We already asked them last on Saturday....AND THEY SAID YES!!!" Arianna yelled
"Well i guess i'm going with yall to the cabin" i said in a matter of fact way


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