Stand Up

This is about One Direction, if you are a hater then don't read this blah to you too...haha xx This is a Liam and Niall fanfic! About it: Sammi and Maya are best friends. They have amazing boyfriends; Evan and Max. When they all go to a Halloween party, they find their boyfriends cheating. They are both heartbroken, but then they meet two special boys; the famous Niall James Horan and Liam James Payne of One Direction. They go on tour with the boys, and are having the time of their lives...until certain someones want them back.


11. The Baby

                                ***6 months later, at 2:45am***

Sammi's POV

Oh my gosh! Get this baby outta me! It is causing me so much back pain! Right now we were traveling from New York to London, back home where we belong. I am sleeping at this moment, but not for long. Excrutating pain shot through me...and well my water broke, sending me stright into mid air.

"SHIT!" I yelled, causing everyone to rush into where I was.

"Sammi, whats wrong?" Niall asked as he took my hand in his.

"My water broke, what the hell do you think?!" I snapped as I doubled over in pain.

"But we are in mid air!" Zayn paniced, as my breathing took a hike (went up).

"YOU DONT SAY?!" I yelled sarcastically.

"Sam, calm your ass down!" Maya demanded, as she laid me down...and well her and all the guys worked together and helped me give birth, Niall by my side along with Harry...Zayn was rubbing my shoulders trying to keep my calm...Louis was trying to keep me calm...and Maya and Liam were helping give birth to Angela....thats when I heard a babies cry, then most of the pain eased up...sending a smile to my face. Niall took Angela away to the bathroom to wash her off, along with Maya...leaving me with the guys...just the position I wanted to be in (sarcasm).

"How you feeling babe?" Zayn asked as he placed a hand on my shoulder, after giving me pain pills.

"Oooooh Niall is going to kill you for calling her babe!" Harry said with a 'oooooh this is going to be good' voice.

"Shut up curly" I snapped "But Zayn, I am feeling better than before." I said while facing Louis with a smile.

"Whats going on between you guys?" Louis asked causiously.

"I am in love with Samantha." Zayn admitted. Causing me to laugh like crazy.

"Im serious!" he exclaimed.

"How can anybody love me?!" I asked.

"Well your you...why?" Niall asked as he returned into the room with Maya and Angela. Oh snap, I would hate to be in Zayn's place right now.

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