Stand Up

This is about One Direction, if you are a hater then don't read this blah to you too...haha xx This is a Liam and Niall fanfic! About it: Sammi and Maya are best friends. They have amazing boyfriends; Evan and Max. When they all go to a Halloween party, they find their boyfriends cheating. They are both heartbroken, but then they meet two special boys; the famous Niall James Horan and Liam James Payne of One Direction. They go on tour with the boys, and are having the time of their lives...until certain someones want them back.


4. Chapter 4

Sam's POV

Is Macie like a damn stalker or something? It seems like she is following me wherever I go. I know she has a massive 'crush' on Niall which is not true because I over heard her at school and she was like 'oh if I ever had a chance with Niall I would be using him for his fame.'

"What does the note say?" I asked curiously.

"It says: This is not over Niall will be mine one way or another, along with Danielle for Liam, so back the hell off. -M" Louis read.

"Haha like that will ever happen." I claimed. Just then my phone started to play 'We are never ever getting back together' by Taylor Swift. That was Evan calling...

"Let me answer this..." I said as I hit the 'talk' button on the phone and put it up to my ear.

"Sam if you tell the others about this call I will personally kill them starting with Niall, then Maya, then so on." he said.

"What do you want me to do?" I asked while walking into the kitchen.

"I want you to come with me, and never see them again." he responded, I could tell that he was smirking on the other end.

"Do you have a different offer?" I asked hopefully.

"Other than you marry me, then you can see the just cant tell them that I called. You have a month to figure out what you are going to be doing." he said then ended the call. I sighed then turned around to see Niall...

"Are you really going to do it?" he asked sadly.

"Its that or he kills all of you." I answered.

"Sam babe, please dont do this." he pleaded.

"You know I dont want to do this, but I am doing this so we can still see each other. I am doing this because I love you." the words just slipped out of my mouth without me knowing.

"Not if this happens." he said while slapping duct tape across my mouth then tieing my hands behind my back. I then was somehow put to sleep.

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