Stand Up

This is about One Direction, if you are a hater then don't read this blah to you too...haha xx This is a Liam and Niall fanfic! About it: Sammi and Maya are best friends. They have amazing boyfriends; Evan and Max. When they all go to a Halloween party, they find their boyfriends cheating. They are both heartbroken, but then they meet two special boys; the famous Niall James Horan and Liam James Payne of One Direction. They go on tour with the boys, and are having the time of their lives...until certain someones want them back.


2. Chapter 2

Sam's POV

What have I ever done to cause him to cheat on me?! I was still on the ground crying along with Maya...while Liam and Niall embraced us in a hug.

"Im going to ask you guys to leave." I heard Louis say to Evan and Max.

"Oh ya what if we dont want to?" Evan asked 

"Who's going to make us?" Max then asked.

"I will." I said while standing up, by now im pretty sure that everyone could tell that I was shaking.

"No you wo---" Niall began but I cut him off by kissing him. That was my way to get them out...but I stood corrected...Evan shoved me away from him and began beating me. Im totally used to it. I tried to fight back, but then my hands were being held behind my back.

"You will regret kissing him." Evan mumbled while still punching me.

"I dont regret it one bit." I claimed then kneed him causing him to double over in pain, I stomped on Max's feet causing him to release my hands. I ran over to Niall and the others.

"You alright?" Niall asked concerned while examining my bruised and bloody be honest it looks like someone drew the Michigan outline and coloured it purple and then smashed my face in crushed cherries.

"I gue----" I began but got stabbed....wait stabbed?! Is that ooooooh its carrots in dresses....


Niall's POV

"I gue----" she began but then she collapsed in my arms.

"I love Niall...I sure do..." were her last words...then her eyes were shut completely.

"What have I done?!" Evan exclaimed while falling to his knees.

"You guys just got ex-boyfriended." Harry beamed.

"I will get her back...and I will do whatever to get her back." Evan demanded, then left with Max.

"Lets take her to the hospital fast...her heart beats are slowing down." Liam informed us. I picked Sam up bridal style, then ran her to the hospital which was 5 minutes away.

"Hello Louis what can I do for you?" the doctor assuming that she was his mum, she looked over at us and her smile instantly faded.

"SHE NEEDS INSTANT SURGERY AND NOW!" she exclaimed while a male nurse came rushing over with a gurney. I gently laid her down and kissed her forehead, I was about to leave but a hand pulled me back.

"Stay." she whispered with her eyes still closed. I rushed through the halls with them. Entering in the room, they started hooking her up to the machines.

"She is loosing too much blood." the nurse exclaimed.

"You can survive, I have faith in you..." I said while tears escaped my eyes.






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