Stand Up

This is about One Direction, if you are a hater then don't read this blah to you too...haha xx This is a Liam and Niall fanfic! About it: Sammi and Maya are best friends. They have amazing boyfriends; Evan and Max. When they all go to a Halloween party, they find their boyfriends cheating. They are both heartbroken, but then they meet two special boys; the famous Niall James Horan and Liam James Payne of One Direction. They go on tour with the boys, and are having the time of their lives...until certain someones want them back.


10. Chapter 10

*****Niall's P.O.V.*****

My girlfriend is freaking pregnant. To another guy's baby. I went up to Evan and Max, with Sammi still in my arms, and they smiled.

"Look who we got here, Sammi's new gay boyfriend," Evan smirked. I gave Sammi to Zayn, who tagged along, and told him to check her in.

"YOU GOT MY GIRLFRIEND FREAKING PREGNANT! YOU FREAKING RAPED HER! SHE HATES YOUR FREAKING GUTS! AND I HATE THEM EVEN MORE!" I yelled at Evan. I punched him in the face. Liam ran from behind me to stop Max from anything, and the way he went, well, the boxing sure payed off. 

"I can't believe she chose a gay, short, Irish loser over me. I am so much better of a boyfrie-" I cut him off. No one, and I mean NO ONE, insults Ireland. 

"YOU F****** RAPED HER! I'm pretty sure any girl would prefer a guy who doesn't beat and rape her!" I exclaimed. I kicked him in a very painful place to be kicked. He doubled over, and Liam, who was done with Max, pushed him over. He was officially defeated. "Sorry Evan, but Sammi happens to like short, Irish, nice guys named Niall over tall, American, rapists named Evan," Liam said, before punching him in the stomach for the last time.

"Mr. Horan? Mrs. Horan may be visited now, if you wish to," the receptionist lady said. 

"Thank you, what room?" I asked.

"223, Mr. Malik is there right now," the lady said.

"Thanks again," I said, running to Sammi's room.

"Niall! Oh, thank goodness you're here! Sammi's pregnant! She has been for about three months, it's a girl!" the nurse, Jay, who happened to be Louis' mom, said.

"Thanks so much Jay," I said to her. She stepped outside. Zayn left also. I nodded at him in thanks. 

"Sammi, do you want this baby?" I asked her, taking her hand.

"Yes Niall, I do." she said weakly.   

"So do I." I said, squeezing her hand.

"I have a name. Angela, I just love that name, Maya will be her middle name, after guess who, and her last name will be Horan." she said. Perfect. 


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