running away from your nightmares might seem easy, you just wake up but when you are running away from your nightmare has become reality, it's the end. that's what has happened to arriana and what is still to come, fighting the twisted undead is not a hobby it's suicide and arriana will have to choose her soul or her family?!.


7. trouble

'oi, here you, i hope you realise if your sister dont come back youre dead!' faye trembled with terror as she snapped back to reality and realised that there was no way out, and no way to be protected, she was dead. he paced around the room watching every move faye took, which wasnt a lot as she was rocking back and forth on the floor with her knees drawn up in a tight embrace, he suddenly stopped, looked at faye and said ' do you know why i want arriana here?' faye answered with a weak shake of the head 'no!' ' well i'll tell ya, d'ya remember that night in august when i came to your house and asked arrianna to marry me, well she said no and i aint taking no as an answer, she will marry me if i have to kill ya and awaken her!' faye started to scream as he gave a sigh and rolled his eyes ' same old faye, have you no manners?' he tutted while watching her stop screaming but have endless silvery streaks run down her cheeks like waterfalls, it was a sarcastic question. the next few seconds were a rush while faye made slippery puddles on the floor of the cell, he slipped round behind her and put his large blood-covered hand over her mouth and nose, stopping her breathing black spots danced across her vision and the last thing she heard was ' you're in trouble now' while he started to laugh her vision blurred and she slumped limply by his side...DEAD!

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