running away from your nightmares might seem easy, you just wake up but when you are running away from your nightmare has become reality, it's the end. that's what has happened to arriana and what is still to come, fighting the twisted undead is not a hobby it's suicide and arriana will have to choose her soul or her family?!.


2. trapped

I awoke with a start my body ached all over as I sat up with an agonising jolt, was it another nightmare? No, no it was coming back in pieces, the terrorising memory of the night before, as I looked around the smoky, candle lit room, it had no windows only many thick, dusty spider webs that looked nearly as menacing as the ferocious-looking spiders lounging in the middle of the them. There didn’t seem to be anything in the room apart from a worn old blanket covered in patches, until I took to looking deep into the blackened and charred corners of this dingy room, where all sorts of wonders began to appear, in the top left corner I found a rusty old dagger to go with the polish and cloth I found in the bottom right corner. Soon I had the glorious piece of metal gleaming in the candlelight; I slipped it into my ripped and slashed pocket just in time. As soon as I had let go of the sticky hilt the golden handle of the intricately decorated, wooden door started to rattle then the whole door swung open, there he was the jack the ripper of my mind, his black leather boots screaming importance and wealth, his torn denim trousers covered with bloody fingerprints, I gazed at my own normally white but now stained with crimson hands; that is my blood coating his jeans I thought with guilty pleasure and I couldn’t help a sly grin spread across my face as I thought that. “What ya grinning at? GIRL!” he narrowed his evil glinting red eyes to peer at my face, as he hissed at me I caught sight of two long pointed, blood soaked fangs slipping carelessly out of the corners of his dehydrated mouth, now that I think about it everything near him was covered in a layer of human blood, but not mine, I’m sure of it, but if it wasn’t mine whose was it? I didn’t know but I was going to find out.

His milky white hands, smooth but agonisingly warm against mine, gripped mine, tighter and tighter his hold got and I couldn’t help screaming in pain as he twisted and tightened his grip. He yanked me to my feet and I staggered and gasped as my legs started to give way “well what are ya grinning at?” he hissed again but this time I felt him spit at me as well, he missed but only just. I didn’t answer, he gave an enormous groan at my disobedience to him then he released me and I slumped to the floor gasping for oxygen as the smell of his decaying teeth slipped away, he turned away rubbing his raging forehead in frustration then quicker than the speed of light he turned to face me and his hand flew to his belt, the next few seconds passed in a blur he untied a whip and lashed out attacking my face and back over and over again until finally, once my face was covered in blood streaming down my neck and arms, he stood back glancing at me, surveying me like I was a piece of art while licking his rotten, wrinkled lips, it was that horribly timed moment that I chose to yell at him: “YOU’RE A VAMPIRE!” though now I realise I didn’t sound very confident about my accusation at all; then the most embarrassing thing of my whole life happened. He laughed. The laugh was a deep sickly laugh that rustled and changed volume from time to time; he laughed for ten minutes longer and then coughed and spat, which hit the floor with a splat that curdled my stomach. “Of course I’m a vampire, do you not recognise me? I’m the most feared strigoi in the country of Great Britain, I... “At that point I decided to break in to his little speech with something that really surprised me. “A strigoi, you’re a strigoi? But how can you be?” this was spoken in a hoarse whisper, but his reply chilled me to the bones. “Of course I can, you really don’t remember me dear little Arianna?” he spat and hissed before laughing spitefully again. Then it hit me I knew who this man was, I couldn’t believe it and I wouldn’t believe it so I did all I could do, I yelled at him “NO you are not him you are a monster a terrible, terrible monster!” but I didn’t stop there oh no, I drew together all my strength and gripped him by the shoulders as he halted his laughter through confusion, I took my chance and flung him into the nearest concrete wall muttering about hoping he had a concussion then hurtled through the open door just to find… a dead end.

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