running away from your nightmares might seem easy, you just wake up but when you are running away from your nightmare has become reality, it's the end. that's what has happened to arriana and what is still to come, fighting the twisted undead is not a hobby it's suicide and arriana will have to choose her soul or her family?!.


6. hell

Faye awakened with nightmares still pulling at the edge of her mind, the prince of hell coaxing her, deceiving her, to get her soul. She would never give up her soul, not for anything, her father had made that mistake and it killed him. Hell never kept their promise of protection. Faye had never told Arianna about these nightmares because it is dangerous to be communicating with hell and this was way worse. Hell wanting your soul was not a good thing especially when your father gave his up. She was already tormented enough about her father being an evil villain and turning to hell, but now being troubled by hell themselves was just inconceivable, so to make matters worse being locked in a cell by a strigoi for heaven’s sake. Faye turned over her right palm, there it was the mark of hell beaming up at her, the sword with flames dancing round it showed that she was wanted by hell and that they would not stop until they had her in their hands. The left palm held a silvery white crown which symbolized heaven; she had this as she owed them for saving her sister two years back.

It was a dark and stormy night, the wind whistled through the blazing trees, the start of a forest fire? No, it was revenge from hell for six friends of Arianna’s and Faye’s (Louisa, Crystal, Isabella, jasmine, Odette and Tatiana.)  Who had gone to the underworld and retrieved their parent’s souls, but to hell’s disappointment they had survived. The trees were alight, the fire spreading closer and closer to the beautiful church which at that moment had a wedding going on inside, including the six girls who cheated hell. Faye and Arianna Szelsky stood at the side watching, waiting for the screams of the citizens inside the church. Arianna could not let her friends die this way, so using her elemental magic of water she stepped into the fire’s path conjured up a great wave and flung it at the fire, it sizzled then went out but to their surprise the prince of hell stood there he looked straight at Arianna and shot her with a lightning bolt, Faye screamed and rushed to her sister’s side, she knew she was not going to let her die so she called to the heavens to help save her sister, they agreed, on one condition – that one day when she had wed that she would visit her father’s soul (trapped in his tomb) and destroy it. She promised she would and the angels revived her sister, Arianna never knew about this and to this day, believed that the prince had missed and she had collapsed.

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