running away from your nightmares might seem easy, you just wake up but when you are running away from your nightmare has become reality, it's the end. that's what has happened to arriana and what is still to come, fighting the twisted undead is not a hobby it's suicide and arriana will have to choose her soul or her family?!.


4. dead end?

I awoke the next day, or at least I thought it was the next day, to a commotion in the corridor. Wait a corridor, my house is a bungalow but is so small there is no corridors and only one room which me, my mother and my sister share. The corridor that contained a disturbance also seemed to be, the dead end I found yesterday, so once all the events of the day before came flooding back. I recalled how he had bitten me and then I got confused, probably because when a vampire bites you it is so powerful that it erases most of your memories, I figured I must have collapsed because I didn’t remember anything else after that except waking up here, back in this cell. I was shocked out of my daydreams when I heard a scream I recognised, my sister’s, she’d been kidnapped too! I couldn’t believe it, then the door swung open furiously and he threw my sister into the room, she was weeping for mother and I to save her. I crept to her side and knelt down stroking her light and silky blonde hair, letting it drop through my fingers, she halted her crying and gazed up at me lovingly “Arianna?” she asked with concern and worry ”oh, it is you, this is where you’ve been. We’ve been looking everywhere for you…! What is that on your neck?” for the next fifteen minutes I told my younger sister everything, about how we used to know this man but he had changed so much, I finished telling her about the bite from last night, when a loaf of bread got thrown into the cell with a note saying Arianna and Faye (Faye is my sister’s name.) I did not want you to starve as I will need you later, you have not been fed yet so here you go. Faye and I easily split the loaf of bread in half and wolfed it down before finally speaking to each other again. “What does he want from us?” Faye asked desperately so I replied that I didn’t actually know and then, Faye pulled a large brass key out of her pocket squealing with excitement. “That dead end out there is a door as I saw a keyhole in it; I think this key I found will definitely work to get it open!” she whispered this excitedly but I could tell she was worried about being caught trying to escape and be punished.

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