running away from your nightmares might seem easy, you just wake up but when you are running away from your nightmare has become reality, it's the end. that's what has happened to arriana and what is still to come, fighting the twisted undead is not a hobby it's suicide and arriana will have to choose her soul or her family?!.


5. caught

Just after lunch, he finally brought us a clock, we managed to prise the cell door open using most of our strength up, we had packed the bread from lunch, the brass key and the sword and polish in Faye’s pockets as they were not ripped or damaged in any way, then we peeked round the door, nobody there, so we scuttled over to the ‘dead end’ and unlocked it, obviously taking the key with us. It was a tunnel. A secret passage with holes, or as we call them, hiding places all over the walls. Perfect. For staying out the way of danger “hey, strigoi die from decapitation don’t they?” my sister nodded in agreement “well we have a dagger let’s chop his head off!” this time my sister shook her head and opened her mouth to speak but was interrupted when we heard his voice from further down the never ending tunnel, yelling “who’s there? Don’t ya know this is a private tunnel? For me only! Ya hear me? Hello?” Faye and I scrambled up to the hole in the middle of the wall and shrank back into the darkness, out of sight, until he passed out of the secret passage. I breathed a huge sigh of relief as Faye lay trembling beside me. She was sweating rapidly, soaking mine and her clothing right through, I tried to pull her to her feet but she would not budge, then the most terrible thing happened. Faye collapsed.  I felt her breathing gasp and start heaving then her sweat-covered body fell to the floor, well the floor of the hole anyway, I just sat there hunched over on my knees. Twenty minutes later, I had finally managed to half scramble, half slide down the smooth concrete wall from the hole to the floor with the dead weight of Faye, once there I lay her on the floor, gently, so she would be comfortable and then I broke down in tears next to Faye. She had always got through her daily fevers and she had never collapsed before, before today. Suddenly, to my surprise and horror, he emerged into the secret passage dripping with crimson blood; I jumped to my feet my head swimming with all my thoughts merging together. If I stayed here with Faye we would probably both die, but I could not leave her here to die either. Then I realised that if I left without her he could not kill her or he would never get me, which is what he had wanted all along. I snapped back to reality just in time and hissed coldly at him while clambering to my feet. Then, nearly as decisively as before, I punched him in the face leaving bloody red scratch marks where my nails had dug in, he doubled over in pain giving me chance to turn on my heels and speed through the tunnel out into a dark forest full of trees gathered close together, there was mud puddles and buttons on the ground which if stood on would burst and spray unconscious gas everywhere. Thorns from roses and other plants tore through my dripping white dress leaving gaping holes and scratches in the material, they also tore at my cold-blooded flesh, raw from the cold and shaking with fright, he could come out of that secret tunnel anytime he wanted and find me straightaway. I had to hide. Soon!

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