In the shadows


1. Never to be seen again!

On a dark stormy night, Emma was sent up to bed. She groaned. She was just about to win an auction for a sleek black cat outfit for her halowe'en party. The auction was due to end in 10 minutes. So she logged off the computer and went upstairs to get ready for bed when she caught a glimpse of red, yellow, blue and white in the nursery. Then she saw a glint. She went into the room and "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh," she was screaming. There was a clown standing right in front of her. The things she hated most were clowns and one was looming above her like Big Ben tower! She ran downstairs and opened the door to the television room. Her parents were dead! "I can do impressions you see!" The clown was right behind her! She ran next door and looked in the window. They were all dead too! But the clown was following her. Luckily she carried her mobile with her everywhere she went so she tried to call the police but of course; no signal! She ran with all her might to get away from this horrid clown which, even though she was the fastest runner in her school, it wasn't easy. Actually, it was impossible! She ran through the local woods but she'd never been in them before because they creeped her out and after a sighting of an army of clowns had been sighted in there it had been fenced off. Then before you could say I HATE CLOWNS she was surrounded by around 100 clowns with knives! She kicked one over and carried on running, never to be seen again.

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