a ghostly, human eating monster, only afraid of light


1. IT waited

The children huddled together beneath the sheet, living by the old adage that if you couldn't see IT, IT couldn't see you. But IT knew. They didn't dare to whisper to each other, hardly dared to breathe, the rise and fall of their chests giving away their position that was otherwise protected by the all encompasing dark.

IT waited.

They had been their for hours, so it seemed, and no-one dared to get out and switch the light on even though that was the only thing that would make IT go away, the only thing that would dispel the evil that lurked in their bedroom.

How IT had come to be there, none of them knew. All they knew was that IT arrived every night, silent as the creeping dark, and the only way to get rid of IT was to cover yourself with a sheet and make sure nothing was exposed, nothing IT could grab onto. Because, once IT got hold of you, IT envoloped you, swollowed you whole. And then you were lost. Where IT took you, no-one knew; did you just die? Did IT send you to hell? Or was it true, as the old folk tales said, that once it caught you, YOU simply became part of IT, doomed to forever haunt the sleep of other children, children who one day you in turn would capture and force to join you in your deadly quest?

In the dark, IT waited.

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