Road Traffic in Delhi



1. Road Traffic in Delhi

People People everywhere,

Not one with time to spare.

Everyone is in such a mad rush,

That no one bothers to even look at the people they push.


Metro trains are always crowded,

And buses are hopelessly overloaded.

Rikshaw pullers always obstruct traffic,

And processions create much panic.


Cab drivers have to pay different types of surcharge,

So they shamelessly overcharge.

In an auto rikshaw, the meter never works,

If you ask the reason, the driver smirks.


On Delhi roads, beggars abound,

If you don’t give them money, their curses resound.

Another thing that contributes much to Delhi’s traffic rattle,

Is the crossing of roads by stray dogs and cattle.


Overtaking gives us pleasure sublime,

And honking is our favourite, national pastime.

Vehicles move at snail’s pace,

For pedestrians, there is hardly any space.


You can claim to have witnessed a miracle,

If you find a working traffic signal.

In Delhi, nobody follows the traffic rules,

Those who do are hailed as the finest fools.






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