It is all up to faith .....


2. 2!


What the hell happened ?! I am now running after Mel . It's not like i will be able to catch up with her , she is in track. I will just met her at her home I guess. I stopped running and waved down a taxi . I took it to her house and waited for her . She finally arrived . She was shocked , '' What ?! how did you get there ? '' . I laughed , '' taxi '' . She gave me a weak smile . '' Care to tell your best friend what happened ? '' I asked . She sighed , looking at her feet she replied , '' Drake ... her is such a cheater '' . I stood up and wrapped her in a tight hug. I took her back into my place and we sat down while we just talked . I checked the time . HOLY CRAP IT IS 10 ! how does time go by so fast ? Robert is so going to kill me . I finally let go of the hug . '' Mel , i have to go see you in school tomorrow '' I said , she smiled and i started to walk off . When i saw that Mel's house not in view , I started to run . After a few minuted i arrived at my house. Here come's the scream fest . I slowly walked up to the door and opened it . There he was my brother .

'' Where have you been young lady ? '' He asked .

'' Bro , I was at Mel's '' 

'' Really !? , then why did your school call and said you skipped the last 3 periods . Skylar .. I thought you were done with that . '' I looked down at my feet . A few years back , I started drugs and cutting . I skipped school to get to my dealer . I stopped after i had cut too deep and was landed into the hospital . 

'' Robert ! i did not go see the dealer !! Mel was crying and i helped her ! '' I replied .

'' That's what you said before ! Skylar just tell the truth ! '' He shouted . Now i am pissed .

'' I can't take this anymore '' I said before rushing out the door . I need a coffee. I entered Starbucks and ordered. Just when i was going to turned around I bumped into someone thus , spilling my coffee . Great .

'' Gosh ! i am soo sorry '' I said . I looked up to meet a pair of blue eyes . '' It's alright , love. Whats your name ? '' He said while looking down at his stripped shirt . '' No Louis it is not ...I'm Skylar '' I replied . I recognized him , he was from one Direction . Mel always talked about them that i know what they look like .  '' Fan huh ? '' He asked . '' Not really .. my friend talks about 24/7 '' I explain . He laughed . '' Why is a lovely lady like you out so late '' he asked , '' Well i could ask you the same .. I am sorry about your shirt '' I gave a apologetic smile . '' As i said it's alright '' he smiled at me making me smile back . '' I better get going , Robert might think i am up to no good again , nice meeting you Louis ! '' I said while patting his back . Before I could leave he grabbed my hand , '' Can we meet again ? '' He asked . I smiled walked over to the counter to ask for a pen i wrote down my number and passed it to him . He smiled as i waved goodbye .

When i reached home i went straight up to my room , avoiding Robert. It is good that tomorrow is Saturday. As soon as i laid on my bed i fell into a deep sleep , Dreaming about Louis . 

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