It is all up to faith .....


1. 1!


'' WAKE UP !!! '''I woke up to the sound of my brother , Robert , shouting at me to wake up. I groaned - i am not a morning person - .''SKYLAR BREE JOHNSON WAKE UP NOW '' he shouted . Gosh , what does it take to get some sleep around here ? I woke up and put on my Football jersey and headed downstairs. '' Good morning brother '' i said , '' Finally , i have to head to work . Take care sis '' he replied . '' sure will '' i said as he walked out the door .My parents died in a car crash years ago when i was like 14 , now i am 18. my brother is 25 and single . LOL. I headed out the door and walked to my school . Manchester is a peaceful town . '' SKY ! '' I heard a familiar voice behind me . It was my BFF , Melody . She has brunet hair and  hazel eyes, she is shorter than me by at least 2 inches. '' Hello Mel '' I said with a smile . To me Mel is a sister , i could tell her everything in fact i do . '' What are the plans today missy ? '' she asked . '' I have Football practice , do have Track or Vollyball ? '' I answered. '' No '' She replied . Me and Melody are those sporty type girls . We don't care what people think of us , we love to enjoy life . you like ' YOLO ' . '' Hey , babe '' i turned around to see it was drake , the quarterback , also known as Melody's boyfriend. '' Hello sexy '' she replied . I got to admit Mel was hot , If i was a boy she would totally be my crush. '' I will let your love birds be , see you guys at lunch '' I said while walking away . '' See you '' I heard Mel reply .This is going to be such an normal day .

~~ LUNCH ~~ 


It was so boring in Mr. kamakatzi's( what a wired name ) class . He kept talking on and on .... and on about space. I went to find Drake so we could head to lunch together . I figured he would be at our secret hid out . I went there and i could not believe my eyes .'' WHAT THE HELL ! '' I shouted , i was raging mad. '' Babe , i can explain '' Drake replied . '' Don't give me any of that shit . you were making out with that bitch over there '' I replied . I felt tears welling up in my eyes and i ran. While i ran , i bumped into Sky . '' Sorry Sky '' I said with tears in my eyes , then continuing to run . '' MEL WAIT '' I heard Sky shout . I did not stop , i just kept running .


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