I think I have Amnesia... (A PewDiePie Fan-Fiction [May contain Horror])

Jessica Daniels wakes up in a strange room when a strange boy she has never met before runs in... what the hell happened last night?!


3. Stephano, Barrels...AND Teleporting Naked Guys?!?

Jess' P.O.V

As I opened a draw, I found a lantern. "Hey, Pewdiepie, Stephano, I found a lantern!" I called out, and held the lantern up.

"Great! Stephano, have you found anything?" Pewdiepie asked.

"Yes, Pewdie, I found some oil." We put the oil in the lantern and lit the lantern. Then Stephano groaned, and said in a moaning way, "Oh, stop wasting your lantern, Pewdie."

"I'm sorry, but its dark in here, I can't see."

"Pewdiepie, Stephano, what are we going to do now?" I asked. But in that pause, there was another groan.

"Pewdie, there's a bro out there!" We hid behind the bed, but no 'bro' came out.

"Where's the bro?" I asked.

"I don't know, but I think its gone. Lets go!" We walked cautiously out of the room into a corridor. "Ahh, corridors, I don't like corridors, you can't trust them". Pewdiepie was holding the lantern with Stephano and me walking beside him. I started to think, 'How did I get...'

"BARRELS! What are you doing? Get out of here!!" Pewdiepie dropped the lantern and picked up a barrel, which was hiding in the corner in the dark and flung it to the middle of the corridor. Blimey, things were getting eventful.

"Pewdiepie? Why are you throwing barrels? Stop!" I yelled.

Stephano piped up, "Oh, sorry Jessie-ca, but barrels are evil and he really hates them," Stephano replied in his deep French accent. I picked the lantern up in my hands and turned toward Stephano with a confused face.

"Is he like this all the time?"


While Pewdiepie was throwing and cursing the barrels, I walked a few steps along the corridor, and, with the light from the lantern, I could see a door. 'Yes!' I thought to myself, but as I started to walk towards it, a grey body was flying towards me and Stephano. Before I could shout, "PEWDIEPIE!" or "HOLY... " it glided towards me and collided with me in such a force that I fell over, I knocked Stephano over and dropped the lantern... I was under a naked body. I think it was dead, I hope it was.

"HELP!" Pewdiepie heard my cry and ran over, forgetting the barrels and stood over me.

"AH! Teleporting Naked Guys, stop raping Jessica! Why are you always naked, why don't you put some clothes on? At least some trousers!" He pulled me out from under the 'Teleporting Naked Guy', making the Teleporting Naked Guy flip over. "Ugh, look at its penis, why do they always have to have it on show?"

"Owww," Stephano exhaled, in pain.

"Are you okay? Sorry, Stephano, I didn't mean for it to happen. Oh, there's the lantern," I said happily as I picked the lantern up.

"Me and Jessie-ca found the door." Stephano said as he got up, so we started to walk towards it, hoping it would get us out of this 'free raping for Teleporting Naked Guys' corridor.

"Oh, Pewdiepie..."

"Call me Pewdie."

"Okay. Pewdie, what's a Poofer?"

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