I think I have Amnesia... (A PewDiePie Fan-Fiction [May contain Horror])

Jessica Daniels wakes up in a strange room when a strange boy she has never met before runs in... what the hell happened last night?!


2. PeeeewDiePie

Jess' P.O.V

"Who are you then?" PewDiePie asked still whispering

"My names Jessica Daniels... what is happening?" I asked, scared of what the answer was going to be.

"I don't know, how did you get here?" He replied trying to make conversation

"If I knew, do you think I would be asking you what's going on?!" I snapped back. After realizing I hung my head. I was scared like hell and I was getting a bit claustrophobic now.

"Sorry... are you all right?" He asked, worry started to fill his voice.

"Yeah, just claustrophobic..." I replied struggling for breath. PewDiePie opened the closet door, the bro was gone. Where I don't know and I didn't want to find out.

"A POOFER?! SON OF A BARREL!" He shouted. Well that explains it I guess.

"Can we just find a lantern and ge-" I got cut off

"STEPHANOOOO!!!" PewDiePie shouted as he ran over to a figure that seemed to be a humanized golden statue. He was wearing quite medieval looking clothes and had a long sword in his belt.

"Allos Pewdie" The statue replied in a thick French accent. What is going on?

"Now, who are you miss?" The statue I know as 'Stephano' asked me

"My name is Jessica, Jessica Daniels. Sorry, but how are you talking?" I asked confused.

"I don't really know Jessica. It's all in the science of Amnesia I guess" He replied. How a talking statue is Science I do not know...

"Right, as I was saying, can we just find a lantern and some oil so we can get out of here?" I asked, knowing Amnesia quite well from playing it.

"That's a good idea Jessica!" PewDiePie replied. We all started ransacking the bedroom to find some oil, a lantern, tinderboxes and hopefully some laudanum.

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